Hartstown Montessori Pre-School Logo

Family run

Hartstown Montessori Pre-School  is a family run, privately owned Montessori School with over 40 years experience teaching Montessori.

Lauren established Hartstown Montessori pre school 20 years ago in the Hartstown Community Centre. Lauren qualified as a Montessori Teacher at the Montessori Education Centre 28 years ago.  Lauren’s mum Glenda was one of the first people to open a Montessori School in Ireland back in 1970 after completing her Montessori training with St. Nicholas in London, and went on to open 3 more Montessori schools in the years following. Glenda also lectured Montessori in various colleges throughout Dublin and plays an important and valuable role in the running of the school.

Why choose us?

Our Montessori classrooms are completely child friendly, enabling children to move around comfortably and freely, in a secure  and familiar environment, within a relaxed and homely atmosphere.

We are:

  • HSE  and  Pobal compliant and approved
  • Fully insured
  • Associate member of St. Nicholas Montessori Society

We are child led – always putting the needs of the children first. We encourage independence and self confidence so that children are completely prepared for primary school. We invite all our parents and children to visit our school to meet our teachers and view our classrooms, outdoor and indoor facilities before enrolling their child, so that they will be happy and comfortable in their new environment on the first day of school. Many of our past and present children have brothers and sisters who have attended our school, and we have got to know and built up positive relationships with these families throughout the years. It is not unusual for us to have 3 or 4 siblings from the one family. A great many of our pupils come to us through word of mouth, which is a strong indication of the quality of service we provide, and the good reputation we have built up within the community over the past 18 years.


The Montessori method of teaching stimulates a child’s love of learning and discovery.  Children are given freedom within the limits of a carefully and well thought out structured environment. Montessori provides one to one teaching which allows individual attention and care for each child, so that every child  develops at his or her own pace. The Montessori method is hands on learning in a prepared environment with especially adapted and self correcting materials, which encourage children to work independently with materials they choose for themselves, while having fun learning through play and discovering while playing.

We are committed to Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy and aim to provide a curriculum which reflects this progressive and inspirational method of education. The Montessori method of teaching was devised by Dr. Maria Montessori and is now recognised world wide as a standard of excellence.


Our service is a very high quality Montessori School in a welcoming, warm and friendly atmosphere.  We work directly with you the parent to ensure your child is happy. Our number one priority is to ensure our children are happy and having fun.